Home is where the heart is. And your heart is pretty precious. Languard will help you monitor your living premises and keep an eye on your loved ones or possessions, from anywhere in the world on any device, using the latest technology in WiFi IP cameras. Ask about our home intercom and access control products too to keep your perimeter safe and enable easy communication with visitors to your property. With a combination of the correct type of cameras, storage solutions and intercom systems in your home, you can monitor things from any location via your smartphone. Be alerted when movement is detected or store whole swathes of security footage to be reviewed when you want. Peace of mind with 24-hour security is just a call away!

Nanny Cams

In addition to getting a professional nanny, childminder or babysitter, installing a nanny cam will give the opportunity to check in on your little ones as often as you like and know when they get home from school. These CCTV security cameras are also helpful if you want to keep an eye on pets and other domestic helpers. While the hope for every parent is always that nothing will go wrong, the video archive allows you to review past footage should the need arise.