You’ve downloaded something on your smartphone, but want to watch it on your 50-inch HD LED TV. There’s a great music selection on your laptop, but you can’t play it in your bedroom without moving lots of things around. Languard can provide you with instant access to all your local and Internet media, via an easy user interface in all locations offering high quality audio, picture and video. We can also help you with your Plex and Kodi (formerly XBMC) setup. Experience the Digital Experience.

What is Home Media?

Home media is a library of media including music, photos and movies. Languard will assist you in finding you the right solution for the storage, cataloguing and display of all your media through the correct and optimum combination of software and hardware. Home Media can be a difficult area to control with so many people who may be on the network; taking photos and uploading. Imagine a central repository to store all your content and then having the ability to view, listen and enjoy that media from anywhere at any time.

What are the advantages?

The expertise of Languard in this area will enable you to have a central place to store all your home media for access in or outside the house. Display that media in new and innovative ways with very user-friendly and user-intuitive ways that enable viewing your library and deciding which media you want to enjoy and through which device.